Friday, October 11, 2019

Wait... can I read the ingredients on that?

So, I went into the coffee shop and ordered a latte.

As I watched the barista grab a carton of almond milk, I snapped…


The barista looked confused.

"Before you add almond milk, can I read the ingredients on that?"

She handed me the carton, my suspicions were right. The almond milk was filled with all kinds of crazy ingredients…

This is one of the problems with eating out. You just never know what people put into your drinks and food. 

Now, don't get me wrong… 

I love dining out, but nothing beats the peace of mind of making your own stuff at home.

But a latte? 

Admit it...

Sometimes mixing drinks like that can be a hassle to make at home.

Of course you can stir ingredients with a spoon...

But, sometimes even with vigorous stirring, you still end up with less-than ideal results.

Recently, I found a solution to making some of my favorite fancy coffee shop drinks at home.

It's a handheld frother.

And for a limited time, we are giving them away for free with a purchase of any of our powders.

Powders, like our amazing Marine Collagen, that you can use to create delicious drinks - like this - at home!

In addition to your free frother, you'll also receive our latest digital drinks recipe guide with your purchase.

Inside are some delicious drinks and creative ways to have fun with your new frother.

To get your free frother and digital drinks guide…

Just place an order for your favorite Truvani powders before October 15th at midnight.

Then you'll have the right tool to mix all your favorite powders and other ingredients into your favorite beverages in less time and with less mess.

Head here and get yours while supplies last.




P.S. I know once you receive your new frother you'll find creative ways to use it. Please post photos or videos using it and tag @Truvani.

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