Friday, October 18, 2019

Time is tickin'

Wow. Time FLIES!

Can you believe that we're less than 3 months away from 2020!?

This year has been nuts.

At Truvani, we've launched 6 new products.

Doing this as a small, self funded company has not been easy.

But with your support, we are doing it.

We are making a difference.

And we are changing the food industry from the inside.

You may have heard, our latest product isn't even a supplement!

It's a product designed to help you save a little time and energy when preparing for your busy day ahead.

And you still have a few hours left to claim your own Truvani Frother with the purchase of *ANY* Truvani product on the site.

Get Your Free Frother Here

And despite all the amazing stuff we had going on this year…

I still get asked the same question all the time:

"Vani, how do you find the time to keep your health a priority?"

And to be perfectly honest with you…

It can be tough.

With a toddler running around, and a new campaign for change launched against a billion dollar company…

Plus all the new products coming out of Truvani…

It's a lot.

Want to know my secret weapon?


Being a part of a community of people like you {name} keeps me on track.

When I check Instagram and see your posts - it makes my day.

I love seeing how you are using Truvani products to fuel your lives and support your health.

It inspires me to keep pushing for change.

To keep fighting for our health.

It also keeps me accountable to stay on top of my self-care routines too.

And it gives me a huge sense of pride knowing you trust me to create quality products to support your health during these hectic times.

Our customers say it best...

"I choose #TRUVANI because I absolutely believe in having Truth and Transparency in the food industry and @thefoodbabe and @truvani are providing just that! Knowing what we put into our bodies is Crucial in an industry full of lies and deceit. Not only do I have to stay healthy for myself but for my daughter as well. Setting the example of eating wholesome and clean is vital for our children in order to create an awakened and physically, mentally, and emotionally fit future generation." @kailearainbow

I mean... WOW! 

These kind words make everything I do 100% worth it.

And I just can't thank you enough for your support {name}!

We're just getting started.




P.S. Remember: Today is your last chance to get your free Truvani Frother with the purchase of *ANY* Truvani product site-wide! So don't miss out!

Here's the link (expires tonight)


P.O. Box 31521 Charlotte, NC 28231

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