Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This ingredient label is everything

I've got something interesting to show you.

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I don't take the fact that you trust me to create products with the BEST possible ingredients lightly.

Our protein powder took over a YEAR to develop.

I wanted to create something with ingredients that I could be proud of.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients label on some protein powders?

It's disgusting.

They are packed full of preservatives and laced with synthetics.

Our Chocolate Protein Powder only has just SIX ingredients. 

Our Vanilla Protein has FIVE.

Look at labels.

Educate yourself.

You deserve to know what you are putting into your body.

Ingredients matter.

When we were creating our protein powder, we tested sources for pea protein for MONTHS.

...and almost scrapped the product all together.

I contacted 52 separate sources for the ingredients in our protein powder.

Most of them failed our initial questioning, and the few that passed our initial questions sent over a sample for testing… and each source failed the heavy metals test.

Then, we stumbled on one unique source of organic pea protein.  They did things slightly differently. Instead of turning a complete pea - pod and all - into pea protein, they would de-pod the peas first, and turn just the peas into pea protein.

And this source worked. Thankfully. 

At Truvani, if we can't get ingredients to pass our standards we actually kill the product.

Other business owners think we are crazy, but we know that we are doing the right thing.

We are still fighting to change big food, but they aren't changing fast enough.

As an owner, I can control the quality of what is in our products, and that is something that I am incredibly passionate about.

Thank you for your support.

We are creating the change that we want to see in the world - together.



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