Thursday, May 16, 2019

Last chance - Safe deodorant that really works!

When I made the switch to organic living years ago, I didn't change everything at once. First I cleaned up the food in my fridge and pantry, then I figured out a natural way to clean my house, and then I went on to look at the products I was putting on my skin and body.

One of these products I use every day (and you likely do to!) is deodorant.

As soon as I flipped my antiperspirant over to read the ingredients I noticed it contained "Aluminum Zirconium." Although hotly debated… this ingredient is linked to all sorts of diseases, including two that I sadly have witnessed in close friends and family members – Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease. Putting this on my underarms every day, right where some of my lymph nodes are (glands that play a huge role in the immune system) suddenly seemed like a horrible idea! So I began looking for a safer alternative - but got so frustrated...

The problem with natural aluminum-free deodorants? They don't usually work.

Or, they give you a rash…

Or, they smell like crap…

Or, they rub off after 2 seconds…

Finding a safe deodorant that keeps you from getting stinky has been a struggle... I've tried SO MANY brands over the years and wasted a bunch of money.

That was until I tried Thinksport's aluminum-free deodorant. At first, I was impressed by the smell. The point of deodorant is to smell good right? Well, theirs smells incredible - I've tried all their different scents - the Currant & Grapefruit one is my favorite! If you're sensitive to scents, they have an unscented version that works great too. (See exclusive discount code below!)

Unlike most natural deodorants, Thinksport is designed to work for athletes, so it really works to keep you smelling fresh even during a tough workout!

All of Thinksport's products are free from known carcinogens and biologically harmful chemicals. They also don't use any petroleum-derived fragrances, phthalates, parabens, aluminum, formaldehyde, or other nasty chemicals found in so many personal care products. No animal testing either! We need more ethical companies like this, right?

I am so impressed with this company, which is why I partnered up with them and was able to negotiate a flash deal to make it easier for you to try Thinksport's products…

Get 20% OFF Thinksport Deodorants (and their entire product line!) with the code FOODBABE19 at checkout - EXPIRES TONIGHT!

Plus you'll get free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $50 - so it's a good time to stock up on their safe deodorants, stainless steel food containers, water bottles, and my personal favorite… their famous safe sunscreen.

The 20% discount code FOODBABE19 is so valuable that it's only available for 48 hours and expires tonight (Thursday 5/16) at midnight. It excludes their bundles because those are already discounted 20%. You must enter the code FOODBABE19 on the checkout page to receive the discount.

I hope this makes it easier for you to vote with your dollars, so you can stop buying products from companies who continue to pollute the environment and our bodies with loads of toxic substances.

Stock up on safe deodorants, sunscreen, food containers and other essentials at 20% off with the code FOODBABE19 here!



P.S. Don't forget to enter discount code FOODBABE19 before it expires tonight at midnight. Some of the proceeds from your purchase go to supporting everything we do here at Food Babe - so thank you!


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