Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I almost forgot...

I almost forgot.

This week is the deadline to place your Truvani order and receive it before Christmas. And in case you missed it...

I have an early holiday gift for you:

Choose any Truvani product and get an extra 30% off your first month when you subscribe!

How do you get the extra 30% off? Easy...

Enter this code when you check out:


Choose any new subscriptions, enter the code, and take an extra 30% off your first month.

The code expires on Friday, Dec. 14 (which is also the deadline to place your order if you want to receive it before Christmas!).

So load up your cart today...

* Chocolate Plant-Based Protein – Helps control your cravings. Our powder tastes great in smoothies, recipes, and even in plain water. Click here to learn more

* Vanilla Plant-Based Protein – 5 Simple Ingredients. 100% Organic. Made from whole Vanilla Beans. Click here to learn more

* NEW! Protein On the Go Packets – Take your Truvani Plant-Based Protein with you everywhere you go! Click here to learn more

* Daily Turmeric Supplement – Maintain healthy inflammation responses with our uncoated, Organic Daily Turmeric (With Black Pepper). Click here to learn more

* Chicken Bone Broth – Supports your immune system and more! You get all of the amazing benefits of bone broth, ready in 30 seconds or less. Click here to learn more

* Wild Caught Marine Collagen – Promotes vibrant skin, strong nails, and supports the health of your hair. With Collagen Types 1, 2 and 3. Click here to learn more

Pretty crazy…

In February we had one product available. Today, you can choose from SIX exceptional products. That's what I call PROGRESS.

I never set out to create my own line of products. But Big Food companies don't change fast enough. So, after years of fighting for higher ingredient standards and transparency in the food industry, I took matters into my own hands...

We scoured the earth for the best ingredients.

We tested source after source until each one passed the Truvani Standard. (I thought we'd never find a pea protein source that would pass the heavy-metals test... but we did!)

And we pushed back on suppliers for better, cheaper pricing – and passed the savings on directly to you.

In short: We put people over profits.

It may be an extraordinary thing to do – but it's the right thing to do.

Thank you for your support & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


P.S. Remember to use the code HOLIDAY30 to get 30% off your first month when you choose monthly delivery. You can see all Truvani products here

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