Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Healthy meal plans for looking and feeling your best!

The only person who can control your health is you. I didn't understand this growing up. Instead, I believed what everyone else around me was telling me. I looked up to several authoritative figures, organizations and companies and blindly followed them as many people do today.

The food industry and organizations like "Weight Watchers" told me I could eat anything I wanted as long as I checked the calories or points and fat grams. I followed their advice and found myself always in a struggle to maintain my weight. Their advice left me with no energy and feeling hungry all the time.

I outsourced my meals to restaurants like Subway, who told me I would "eat fresh" and lose weight if I ordered their sandwiches. I believed them and so many other restaurant chains that were serving me industrial chemicals instead of real food. For so long, I looked to everyone else for answers. I didn't know that everything I believed for most of my life would be turned upside down once I started to investigate this for myself. My biggest lesson learned during all of this discovery has been: I cannot outsource my health or my food.

As a result, I learned how to stop trusting my health, my weight, and my life to the food industry - and this is how the Food Babe Membership Program was born.

This all-encompassing program has everything you need to succeed – including live online check-in's with yours truly to coach your way to success! I'll show you how to easily avoid GMOs and risky food additives, so you'll feel and look your best. I'll help keep you accountable and on the wagon so you never fall off. Whether you want to make a change to your diet and don't know where to start or if you know what to eat but just need a little push to go that extra mile, this is the program that will do it for you. It's helped hundreds of members get healthy, lose weight, and look their best....

See how this program changes lives here.

The positive experiences of our members means so much to me because it shows me the power that the Food Babe Membership Program has. One of our longtime members shared the following experience that her and her husband have had with the program and I'm so moved by their story. I love all that they've accomplished, and I'm sharing her letter with you because I know it will inspire you too:

"We started out with being very concerned about all the additives and preservatives that food companies are ALLOWED to put in our food and we did a lot of research on what they are doing to us everyday we eat those foods. We were determined to make a change in our lives and help those around us to become more aware. Then we found Food Babe. Food Babe was the person who was going to help us complete our mission: To live a long healthy life together! We wondered how we would make such a drastic, BUT IMPORTANT, change with there being so much information we needed to understand about additives, preservatives, going organic, reading labels, looking for symbols and numbers, etc… We always say it is like learning a new language.

Then we saw the Food Babe membership and it provided all the information we needed to transition by providing us with a Starter Guide AND it provided us with a Monthly Eating Guide, which helped us when going to Earth Fare. THIS MEMBERSHIP IS THE BEST MONEY SPENT! Our health is priceless and this membership is our Bible.

Since purchasing the annual membership and transitioning to a more healthy lifestyle, we feel so much better and we have both lost 15 pounds each! Not only are we living a healthier life because we are eating better, but we are decreasing the chance of developing ailments!!!

We felt so much better eating healthy and avoiding all the processed food, junk food, and all unhealthy foods. Our bodies felt lighter, not bloated, and the healthy habits like lemon water and dandelion tea….they make us feel so great! Between the healthy food and healthy habits, we lost so much weight! WE believe there is a reason for everything and why people come into our lives, why Food Babe came into our lives." ~ Joe and Sue

Read more Food Babe member success stories here.

I can't wait to help you on this journey. Remember what I said in my last email, it's time to stop being the victim, let go of the fear and take back control. Accomplishing your goals is not always easy – but can be with this program and the help of my team. If you're unhappy with the way you are eating or need help – this is the plan you've been looking for.


If you sign up for a year by this Friday (9/8), you'll get an additional 6 months free + access to 3 amazing bonuses, hundreds of pages of tricks, tips, and "Food Babe Approved" recipes will be available to you instantly.

Any questions about this membership program? Let us know by replying to this email.



P.S. I always want to help and inspire people to live healthy and vibrant lives - and when I hear stories like these, I feel so happy. You can read another incredible Food Babe Membership success story by Jennifer here. Isn't she amazing? You can be next. Simply sign up here.




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