Saturday, November 26, 2016

One more day! (Food Babe Favorites: Best Hair & Skin EVER)

This holiday season I am sharing just a few of my Food Babe Favorite Gifts and this is the first one!

I kick myself almost every day for not doing this sooner. My hair and skin have never been the same and I'm so thankful for figuring out this simple trick out so everyone can reap the benefits just like me! And it's super affordable and is one of the best gifts you can give someone (or yourself) this year.

Having access to clean and unpolluted water is very important to your health. You can eat the best organic food on the planet, but if you are drinking water that is full of toxins, that effort could be compromised. Tap water can be full of pollutants like arsenic, aluminum, prescription drugs, chlorine, fluoride, disinfection byproducts, and a host of other substances that are known carcinogens (things that cause cancer and diseases). One of the sources of tap water that I was being exposed to daily, and neglecting for a long time, was my shower water.

It wasn't until a company called Aquasana contacted me, and asked me to try out their shower filter, that I finally stopped ignoring my conscience and better judgment. Given that your skin is your largest organ, and your body absorbs what you put on it – bathing with clean water is crucial for your health.

After receiving the Aquasana shower filter, I opened the box and immediately thought – "Oh no, is the filter going to affect the water pressure?! Do I really want to install this? What am I doing?" All I could think about was that my hair was going to take forever to shampoo and condition. The installation only took 2 minutes - I turned on the faucet and much to my surprise, the water pressure was so good! I haven't missed my old showerhead for even a second.

And to be completely honest, if the water filter reduced the pressure, I would have probably taken it down and tried another brand – have you seen how long my hair is?!

After a couple of months of using the shower filter, I could tell a noticeable difference between taking a shower at home vs. at a hotel when traveling.

When I get out of the shower at home now, I use less oils and moisturizers on my skin – which is pretty incredible. I have noticed a significant change in the softness of my skin and hair. Though, the real magic happens in what I can't see – the reduction of the daily toxins I was being exposed to that could accumulate and cause disease in my body over time.

For this Black Friday weekend only, my partner Aquasana is offering any shower filter, countertop water filters and whole house filters at the lowest price this season (50% off!)! This is a special promotion that helps us here at Food Babe too – so thank you!

These make PERFECT holiday gifts for all your loved ones. It's the gift of beauty and health – it can't get much better than that!!

I noticed such a huge difference in my appearance, I eventually decided to filter my whole house! But the shower filter is where I started and it convinced me to do the rest. I wanted every faucet to have clean running water…

I dedicated Day 4 in my book The Food Babe Way to this important health tip. In the book, I go into even more amazing benefits of filtering your shower water, including the story of my hairdresser of over 10 years freaking out at the sudden thickness of my hair :) 

Get your filters here. Happy shopping!



P.S. Whatever you decide to do, get your filters soon, this deal expires tomorrow evening and this will be the lowest price all season. Best of all, they have a 90 day return policy if for any reason you don't like the filter...which is perfect, so you have enough time to see if you notice a difference! 







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