Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Making myself stronger + New Post

There's no doubt we have made a lot of enemies with the investigations I conduct and share with all of you. So many enemies that I am just now learning about how far they have gone and are continuing to go to stop our food movement.

The bottom line? People make a lot of money selling us cheap processed food, chemical ingredients and industrial byproducts that we all end up eating.

It doesn't matter how hard they come at us – I only have to look as far as my own family to keep me courageous and brave enough to share this information with you.

I've been dealing with a lot these past few weeks with my Dad in the hospital. And dealing with it all has strengthened my resolve to continue to share the truth no matter what. I don't want to end up where my Dad is today and I certainly don't want my family to deal with this type of crisis when I get older. I hope to share more of this story with you – but right now I'm a little too emotional to get it down in words.

Until then, I have a new post - I am completely disgusted by this ingredient in our food.

It's an industrial waste product invented by Proctor & Gamble and most Americans (and many people in other countries) eat it and really shouldn't - it's extracted with hexane - a carcinogenic gas, can produce its own insecticide and is sprayed with very toxic pesticides.

It's important for you to know where this is hiding in your food and for you to ask questions until you get answers.

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