Wednesday, January 13, 2016

See the new revealing ingredient pics now!

I've got a major update for you with new pictures of what's exactly in Boar's Head meat. The feedback on this investigation has been intense. So many of you have reached out to me personally and thanked me for this information. Likewise, many of you voiced your opinion on Boar's Head Facebook page and let them know that you were disappointed in their ingredients and that you hope they improve their products.

This simple act unleashed a bloodbath by Pro-Industry trolls. While I am on the front lines, willing to take one for the team and let my name be dragged through the mud (including experiencing some threatening situations) – many of you also have been insulted, called horrible names, and personally attacked for simply asking Boar's Head to be more transparent about their ingredients and remove additives from their deli meats that have been linked to health issues.

After posting this new information last night, Boar's Head decided to start moderating their Facebook page and deleted most of the abusive posts (thank you!), but also deleted all legitimate customer concerns and feedback about their meat. You can now see only praise for the company that is coming from an astroturf Facebook page that is run by an anonymous profile. If you've left a comment about their ingredients and don't see it on their Facebook page - try calling them at 1-800-352-6277 to get your voice heard. 

I continue to be appalled at the "people" trying to stop this transparency and removal of artificial ingredients in our food. All you have to do is ask yourself – who would want their meat colored with artificial caramel color linked to cancer? The answer to that question, is exactly who you think it is. Don't let this PR spin machine stop you from sharing the truth.

We all deserve to know what we are putting in our bodies. And with that – new ingredient information about Boar's Head is finally being revealed thanks to a courageous reader!

Thank you to everyone out there that isn't afraid to share the truth!

See the revealing pictures here. The ingredients speak for themselves.



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