Thursday, February 9, 2017

They got caught secretly feeding cows SKITTLES!

Today I have an excellent healthy gift idea for your loved ones this Valentine's Day... but first, there was a SHOCKING story in the news recently that struck a cord with me and a lot of you! In case you missed it, here were some of the headlines…

"American farmers secretly feed cows defective Skittles because they are cheaper than corn, truck crash reveals" 

"Thousands of Skittles intended for cattle feed spill on Wisconsin highway" 

"Roadside Skittles Spill Shows Everyone That We're Feeding Cows Candy"

As if GMO corn isn't bad enough, candy filled with GMOs, artificial colors, and (of course) sugar - are being fed to cattle being raised for meat in this country.  This is just another way to cheaply fatten up meat on some conventional farm animals. It's outrageous, and unfortunately, the practice of feeding candy to farm animals has been going on for decades!

While I advocate for eating more plant-based foods than anything else… if you eat meat, this is a huge reminder about why it is important to be extra careful about where you get your meat from and to be responsible about meat consumption. These animals are not healthy. And when we eat animals that are not healthy - we become unhealthy.

What is the best way to avoid meat raised on Skittles? Boycott factory farm meat!

It sure would be nice if factory farm meat had a big giant WARNING LABEL on it, but unfortunately it doesn't...

It's not easy to find grass fed and pastured meats that are raised in humane conditions on family farms at grocery stores - especially since labeling can be confusing. That's why I partnered with Butcher Box. They have done the work for us and found small family farms that hold quality and animal welfare as their core values, who never use hormones or antibiotics (or Skittles!), and grass-finish their cattle.

Butcher Box makes the perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

Instead of giving your Valentine a box of toxic chocolates, why not give them a Butcher Box subscription that will provide them with grass-fed and pastured raised meats for the entire year? Just in time for Valentine's Day, Butcher Box has an exclusive offer just for the Food Babe Army!

Take $10 off and receive 3 free packs of bacon (30oz) with your first Butcher Box. No code required! Just visit them here.

PLUS - Within 24 hours, Butcher Box will send you a coupon to SHARE THE LOVE. The coupon is worth $25 off a new Butcher Box subscription that you can give as a gift to a loved one.

Butcher Box's meats are 100% grass-fed and grass finished, antibiotic and hormone free, and NEVER raised on a factory farm. Not only is their beef, chicken, and pork better for you and the world we live in - but they will ship it directly to you!

One of the big reasons why I partnered with Butcher Box was for my husband, and he has been really loving the quality of their meat! Their service has made it so much easier for our family to boycott factory farms.  

Butcher Box's bacon is uncured, and free of all nitrates, sugars, antibiotics, and hormones - and it's NEVER from a factory farm. One of the best ways to stop factory farming is to vote with your dollars and support farmers who are doing the right thing - and Butcher Box is a great way to do that.

Here's how Butcher Box works and why it's the perfect affordable and convenient solution:

  • Choose which box you prefer from their selection of 100% Grass-fed Beef, Organic/Pastured Chicken and/or Heritage Breed Pork.

  • Set it up so that you'll automatically get a new Butcher Box sent to your house every month, or every 2 months, or every 3 months.

  • Your $10 discount and 3 packs of bacon will be automatically added.

  • Butcher Box will ship your box to your house for free. All meats will arrive frozen solid with enough for about 20 individual meals!

  • You can cancel or change your schedule at anytime! No commitments.

  • Butcher Box will email you a $25 Share The Love coupon (to give a loved one) after you place your order here.

Meat that does not come from factory farms may cost more. But rather than judge the value of food in terms of dollars, think of its value in terms of nutrition – and your health. The only way practices such as feeding candy to farm animals will change is when enough people refuse to buy meat that was raised this way.

Get your Butcher Box here. When my box comes in this month, I am planning to make a romantic meal for my Valentine!

If you know someone who might be eating meat raised on Skittles or needs a Valentine gift idea, please forward this email to them! I hope you all join me in boycotting factory farmed meat.

When you support great companies like Butcher Box, you support all of us here at Food Babe - Thank you for helping us continue our mission!



P.S. This special is good up until Valentine's Day only and expires soon! 



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