Thursday, February 2, 2017

Read this before the big weekend!

I know many of you may be heading to Super Bowl parties this weekend where traditional Doritos, Lay's and Ruffles are being served… but you don't have to eat those dirty processed chemical-filled GMO snacks! There are so many new alternatives and organic versions available that you can bring - check out the list here

Although I don't recommend packaged snacks often – and preach the gospel on whole real foods – if you are going to a Super Bowl party you've gotta have some snacks, right?

One thing I love about these alternative snack brands, is that they do not contain MSG, an ingredient that keeps you going back for more and more and more. Which is why some of the GMO snack brands like Doritos are so addictive and have become "popular" as a result.

These are some of my favorite Super Bowl Party recipes that will satisfy a crowd for the big day… 

Do you know someone who needs a Super Bowl Party makeover? Please forward this email to them! Take back your food and get your friends and family involved. Have a fun weekend!


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