Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The worst and best way to juice...

When I was little, I don't remember ever eating vegetables (sorry Mom! I know you tried!). As a result, I went years without some of the best nutrients life has to offer. My old eating habits created havoc in my body. I had stomach issues, eczema, asthma, and my allergies were atrocious. I was constantly in and out of doctor's offices looking for a solution.

When I started learning about the power of green vegetables and how they can protect us from disease, I began drinking a green drink every single day. Sometimes it's as small as a wheatgrass shot. And sometimes it is a green smoothie with kale or a green juice.

Learning how to properly and effectively juice is one habit that I will never give up and always recommend to everyone I meet!

Fresh pressed green juice is teeming with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes that your body can absorb swiftly without bogging down your digestive system.

Your body can use these abundant nutrients to slow aging and help to prevent all sorts of serious diseases like cancer and heart disease. It's like nature's vitamin pill!

When I am not pregnant, a couple times a year I like to kick it up a notch… and drink only fresh pressed juices for 3 days straight without any other food. 

No eating, just drinking! This is called a "juice cleanse".

This may sound crazy to you, but the results speak for themselves - especially if you do one right. There is definitely a wrong way to do it.

Your digestive system gets to rest while still receiving a huge dose of mega nutrition and live enzymes from the juice. This allows your body to perform at its peak!

Just to show you the powerful impact that juicing can have on your life, I thought I'd share an email that I received from Emily last month. She is a member of the Food Babe Army and recently had an incredible experience doing the Food Babe Juice Cleanse!

"I am a busy military wife with a husband who has a very demanding job, one that has caused many injuries and moved us 4 times in 7 years. Due to stress and spending so much time being an in-house nurse I have lost my healthy eating habits and gained 30 pounds. Now that he is healthy and FULLY recovered I don't have any more excuses.  My husband and I eat a fairly clean diet, however out of bad habits I still tend to take care of him first, forget to eat, and grab whatever is convenient through the day. Usually not a healthy option or the nutrients I need.

I saw your 7 Day Sugar Detox and originally wanted to do it with a family member who is diabetic, she plans on doing it but couldn't right away. I decided it was no excuse for me not to dive in! While purchasing the 7 day sugar detox the 3 Day Juice Detox popped up as a great add on to do prior. Having just purchased the Juicepresso (thanks for the coupon on your website!!!) and knowing my husband was out of town on business I decided it was exactly what I needed even though I had never done a juice cleanse before.  

I kept things clean for 3 days prior to the juice cleanse, and began it on Sunday, finished yesterday. I'm so thankful I took measurements and my weight prior.  The first day was the hardest.  The small city I live in has a big market and food trucks every Sunday, so all I could smell was the food and see people walking around with all those tempting choices. We are in England, and let's just say the brits know how to do breads and fried fish. I felt "hungry" every afternoon, but it was more an empty stomach feeling than actual hunger. I stuck to it and found your suggestion of peppermint tea did the trick. I also did 1/2 a cup of pure almond milk with cinnamon, which was the most amazingly satisfying treat! These are tools I now have and can use in my everyday life. Every single juice tasted amazing, and although I had a bit of brain fog, and felt a little lower energy, I could tell it was exactly what my body was needing. By the last day (yesterday) I noticed my skin was softer, my face brighter, and even the whites of my eyes looked whiter. My cravings already switched from wanting a slice of bread to dreaming about a slice of avocado!

This morning I was actually in tears. This has been such an emotional experience!  I stepped on the scale and realized I had lost 4 pounds. Even more than that, I took my measurements again. I re-took them 3 more times because I truly didn't believe what I was seeing. I lost 3 inches on my waist and 6 inches overall. My husband who has the most amazing will power and can resist just about any temptation has told me that I'm inspiring him to be better and do more. This has jump started my body into feeling energy that I had forgotten I could have. I didn't even realize how bad I was feeling before! It gave me the confidence to know my will is stronger than any craving and that I can do and be so much more.

I know this is a very long email, but I wanted to fully explain my gratitude and experience over the last 3 days. The juice cleanse is something I never would have thought of until it popped up on my screen, and am so thankful it did. The last 3 days have truly changed how I think about myself, and given me the confidence to be the best version of myself. Thank you for always being honest and sharing where you came from and your experience with food. You are truly inspirational and changing so many people's lives!" ~ Emily V.

I literally teared up reading Emily's experience. Juicing can have an enormous impact on your life, not just physically… but emotionally! I want everyone to experience this.

A juice cleanse is about ultimate health... vitality.. detoxing... releasing... mind opening... being fearless… all of these things!  And fine… you'll probably end up losing weight,  but that's not the most important reason to do it.

When I did my first 3-day juice cleanse (several years ago) I was scared.

I was afraid I'd feel tired and hungry - and completely brain dead. I feared I would fail because I'd need something to chew or to snack on, and end up scarfing down a bag of candy!

I wished then that I had a guide that would give me all the strategies that I'd need to avoid pitfalls and make it a breeze!

Years later… and with dozens of juice cleanses under my belt… I worked with my team to create the Food Babe Juice Cleanse Guide.

This guide will prepare you every step of the way and keep you from making common mistakes! A lot of "pre-made or pre-picked" juice cleanses have a TON of fruit sugar - this is not the way to complete a juice cleanse. I show you the smartest way to do it without getting the sugar highs and lows - and coping strategies that may want you to stop.

This guide is so much more than a juice recipe book. It's an all-encompassing how-to manual that will give you all the tools you need, along with some serious motivation to make sure your cleanse goes off without a hitch!

I really would LOVE for every single one of you to try this cleanse so you can experience the benefits.

Get the Food Babe Juice Cleanse Guide Here.

After you've completed your cleanse, please send me an email and tell me how it went! I can't wait to hear all about it! Maybe you'll have an incredible experience like Emily did? I'm rooting for ya!



P.S. You can complete the juice cleanse at any time that is personally convenient for you.. next week, next month, or next year.. But pick it up soon so you can read through the materials, go shopping for produce and plan to start soon! Share this email with a friend and schedule a time to do it together - that really makes it a fun and bonding experience! The changing of the season is the perfect time to reset those tastebuds. 










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