Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I love Monsanto!

Haha. Just kidding! Happy April Fool's Day!

On a more serious note...

I've noticed something very alarming lately. Many of you are upset about what's happening in the food industry and I don't blame you.

Upon reading my investigations and finding out the truth, you say:

"Tell me what I can eat!"

"That's my favorite brand – oh no!"

"I just fed that <insert product> to my child this morning – what am I suppose to do now?"

Well, I have a solution.

I have a special announcement coming on Monday and will reveal more about it later – everything you need to know to navigate this over processed food world!

But until then, I have a recipe to share with you.

It's time to satisfy that sweet tooth with something deliciously healthy!

Get the recipe here.





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