Monday, December 2, 2013

Easy Tips on Reducing Holiday Season Stress

Easy Tips on Reducing Holiday Season Stress Some people may feel pressured not to reveal that they experience tremendous stress among all the holiday cheer during this time of year. Whether you’re buying presents, dealing with demanding friends, relatives or resisting cravings, the demands of these things can have you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. However, you can stay both healthy and properly manage your stress during the holiday season by overcoming these typical seasonal challenges. Over Eating When you eat too much , it’s one of the mains things that can make you feel annoyed and sickly, not to mention your guilt begins to bother you about what you just ate. But don’t worry, you can still partake in your normal holiday activities without actually hurting your self.  Rather than snacking on sweets and assorted snacks, get yourself a small sampler dish with one or two bites of your favorite food. This makes it easier for you to keep note of how much you’re e

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