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Rid Yourself of Acne - Naturally!


Rid yourself of Acne




Many people often wonder what the true definition of acne is. What acne is a major inflammatory skin condition that can come and go many times. When the colon, kidneys, liver, or lungs are backed up or obstructed in any way, the skin has lack of activity and these results in toxins. Acne is actually toxins coming out of your skin. It’s so common among teens and adolescents because of the food that they are eating. There is actually a study on this and it stated that 80 percent of Americans of between ages 12 and 24 have to deal with acne. Although, it’s not all just the younger generation. Some adults struggle with Acne as well.

The causes of Acne
A diet is the biggest factor when it comes to acne. If someone eats unhealthy all of the time, they are probably more apt to get acne than someone who normally eats healthy. It’s not all about the food you eat though. It can be as simple as a hormonal balance. There is a male sex hormone that is called Androgen. This will stimulate the production of sebum and keratin. Those actually lead to clogged pores. Women can also have acne on their back as well as their face. However, when they have acne forming on their back, it’s usually a sign of not cleansing properly and can be fixed when doing so.

How to heal acne naturally
The first and foremost tip is that you need to change your diet. You should actually cut back a little or cut out completely all animal products. This goes for meat and also dairy products. You should eliminate refined grains. Most people won’t like the idea but the best diet for your health and nutrition wise is actually a raw vegan diet. If you want to rid your acne, you should also eliminate beverages that contain caffeine and are highly acidic. Consume less or no sugar at all. You should be drinking a lot of water. This will flush your system out of all the toxins. When you wash your face, try using something all natural. You should never scrub your face hard, but scrub lightly in a circular motion that way you can open up your pores. Once in awhile, you should clean your face with clay. Bentonite is actually a very therapeutic clay for cleansing. To heal your skin you have to start from the inside out. It’s the only way you will truly be able to rid this unwanted acne once and for all.

It doesn’t have to be hard; it’s pretty simple
If you want to rid yourself of acne for once, then you need to follow the above steps. It doesn’t even take much time out of your day to simply take care and wash your face properly. However, just because you get rid of your acne doesn’t mean you can just stop trying altogether. You should still always keep washing your face to ensure you don’t get the unwanted acne back. If you keep it up, you will have beautiful skin in no time.

Compliments of Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH
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